The uncontestable charm of Quinta do Caracol comes, in large measure, from its enchanting gardens, totally idealized by the creative genius of it's previous owner, Joćo Marcelo Viegas. Margarida and Sofia now continue his work, heirs of their father's good taste and aesthetic sensibility. Every corner is a place of new discoveries, seeded with the most diverse trees, plants and flowers that inebriate us not only with their colors and perfumes, but also with the sounds of birds that use them as shelter.

The pool, an old irrigation tank totally adapted to it's current function, has it's clear blue water sprinkled by the reflection of the nearby plants. The fresh green grass on our garden invites us for gratifying sun baths, trimmed at the distance by pine trees, rising majesticly and proud of their old age. The leafy olive tree by the reception is, by it's own, an invitation to relax and socialize, shading the barbecue zone and the stony tables. Laying all around it is a wide array of pots and orchids, in a calculated profusion of flowers and other plants.

At night, the sound of frogs fills the air coming from the small lake, transporting us to a bucolic scenery, even if it's only 5 minutes away from the town's center. To enjoy to the fullest during your stay...

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